Tailor to your purpose - Meet diversity - Increase knowledge of each other


Tailor to your purpose

Focus on communication and collaboration

Our dedicated instructors review the exercises and they provide constructive feedback after the activity.

In order to be able to solve the exercises in the best possible way, communication is a consistent focus point, which is required by the good and constructive cooperation. The exercises aim to create laughter and commitment for the participants, so that everyone gets an experience of a pleasant and exciting activity.

Depending on the size of your group, you can advantageously be divided into smaller groups. The size of the groups can vary from 4 to 20 people.

Everyone can participate, as the exercises are not physically demanding and can be adapted to the composition of the group. If there are special considerations, inform Aalborg Outdoor when booking the activity. 

Address diversity

Focus on tasks that cater to different staff groups

Activities: They are composed so that they accommodate precisely the personalities represented in your staff group. Write which personality types are represented in your staff group, and the activities will address the different strengths and weaknesses that the different ones have.

Purpose: To become aware that everyone in the staff group can contribute positively to a task, that diversity and space create an even better result. The focus is on good team spirit and cohesion.

Increased knowledge of each other

Focus on concentration, strategy and efficiency

Activities: The participants are divided into smaller groups. The groups can be divided into existing teams or across professionalism, work assignments and so on. We are happy to enter into a dialogue about which exercises are perfectly suited to your workplace. The exercises may require physical, practical or logical abilities, combined with, for example, speed and thoroughness.

Purpose: Get to know each other through team building with competition as an important component. In a fun, challenging and sometimes frustrating way, we sharpen the competition gene in the participants. Participants are required to be concentrated, strategic and efficient. The experience of getting through the emotional register together creates a valuable cohesion and something to talk about afterwards.

Can also be arranged in other forests

Focus on active task solution in Rold Skov

Activity: Based on a map of Rold Skov and a compass, each team must find and solve different practical, mental and theoretical tasks, which are solved in the marked places on the map, after which the answers are handed over to the instructor. In the end, an overall winning team is chosen. The activity requires that you use your senses, preparedness and team spirit.

Purpose: That the team creates the best result based on an effective strategy that takes into account the use of terrain, ingenuity and effective map reading. In addition, you get informal togetherness of a fresh walk in the terrain in Rold Skov and Rebild Bakker.

Challenge your skills and get better together.

Our courses can be organized so that exactly your wishes are fulfilled. 

Prices from 250, - pr. person.

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