Gjøl Harbor

About the port
Ideal for kayaking and SUP

Gjøl Harbor is located on the northern side of the Limfjord in Jammerbugt Municipality. 

In the area around Gjøl Harbor, it is possible to take a trip to Egholm, Aalborg, Nibe and more.

The Port of Gjøl is located opposite Nørholm on the south side of the Limfjord. The harbor has a cozy environment with dining and approx. 1 km to shopping.

The Limfjord is suitable for sea kayaking, double kayaking, double sea kayaking or Stand Up Paddleboard.

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Bicycle routes at Gjøl Harbor
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There are several different marked cycling and walking routes around Gjøl Harbor.

Gjøl Bjerg forms the framework for a beautiful area with a view of the Limfjord. From here you can also look out over Ulvedybet, which is a dammed brackish water fjord. The wolf deep has a rich bird life.

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