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Event / bachelorette party - Outdoor

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Event for the men's club, the lodge, the bachelor party, the friends, the family or something completely different

Examples of what we can provide


Do it yourself - Event

In rent, we deliver and pick up the equipment

You rent the equipment for the desired activities and you are responsible for the activities. We deliver and pick up the equipment at a desired location. Delivery and pick-up do not necessarily have to be in the same place.

Plan and hold the perfect event with equipment from Aalborg Outdoor.  

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Standard Event

We supply equipment and hold the activities for you.

Our instructor comes with the equipment and is responsible for the activities, so you can concentrate on having fun. We deliver and pick up the equipment at a desired location. Delivery and pick-up do not necessarily have to be in the same place.

We hold the desired activities according to your wishes. The activities can be distributed over a shorter or longer period of time and in different locations. 

We plan in collaboration with you and we are responsible for instruction and gear.

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Luxury Event

We do it all

Luxury-Event / Luxury-Bachelorette party is for those who want to go out in nature, but would like us for everything else.

Our luxury Event includes activities, drinks and food. It is possible to buy beverage packages with, for example, beer, wine, soft drinks, drinks or cocktails. For example, food can be delivered with ready-made accessories and raw Ribeyes, Strip Loin, Entrecote or Wagyu, which are fried on brought-on grills by you or us, as desired.   

See price example below

You can, for example, create events with

canoes, sea kayaks, SUPs, mountain bikes, pizza ovens, grills, fire pits, fire pots, saunas, cold water baths, wilderness baths, bowbattle, tents, lavu, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, recurve bows, air pistols, breathing tubes, rappelling, tree climbing, strategic games in the woods, team building , cooking over a campfire and much more. Your event can include one or more of the activities:


We hold the event where it makes sense for you, whether it is an outdoor bachelor party, the annual trip with friends, a birthday or just because you feel like it.
Price examples

Event and prices

Do it yourself - Event

Canoes and mountain bikes for 450, - pr. participant

Do-it-yourself Event with two different activities.

Start out with a canoe trip on Lindenborg Å. We deliver the canoes with equipment at Vælderskoven and pick them up at Klepholm. At Klepholm we have delivered mountain bikes with equipment for you, so you can cycle back along the gravel paths and possibly take a ride in the fantastic Rold Forest. Rold Skov has both trails and mountain bike trails, so you can be challenged regardless of level.

It is possible to change out in the activities.

Standard Event

Sea kayaking, shooting and pizza baking (approx. 4 hours) for 700, - pr. participant

Standard Event with three different activities.

Start out with a sea kayak trip on the Limfjord near Aalborg. The instructor comes with the equipment and gives you a safe experience on the water. The trip goes to shooting. Here there will be a competition between the teams. After shooting, the trip continues in the sea kayak for pizza baking in our pizza ovens. We bring dough and various accessories and a cold beer or water.

The sea kayaks can be replaced with other activities, such as canoeing, SUP, mountain biking, tree climbing, rappelling, winter swimming or other.

Luxury Event

Entertaining activities, tree climbing, Ribeye with accessories and ad libitum cold beer and red wine for 900, - pr. participant

Luxury Event with two different activities, food and drinks.

Start with various entertaining activities in Hammer Bakker, followed by tree climbing. Activities and tree climbing have a duration of approx. 2 hours. After the activities, there are cold beers and red wines to enjoy around the fire. After approx. 1 hour we start grills up and set the table (in case of rain, the pavilion is set up). The baked potatoes are ready-baked and just need to be warmed on the grill, the salad is ready to serve, Ribeyes must be fried on grills (by you, at extra cost we can stand for EVERYTHING), also comes with bread and butter.

Our instructor will hold the activities for the first 2 hours, light up grills and cover up. During the evening, the instructor will come and refill with beer / wine and take empty packaging with return.

The activities can be replaced with other activities, such as canoeing, sea kayaking, SUP, mountain biking, archery, winter swimming or other.

In general

Several activities on the same day

Experiences for all ages

We arrange several events at the same time and for different age groups.


Contact Aalborg Outdoor by email or phone

Remember to book your activity well in advance so that we can make an event on the day that suits you best.


Regarding payment

When booking an activity, payment or partial payment must be made before the event. 

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