Lindholm Å

Delivery place close to the Limfjord
700 meters to the Limfjord

The most normal starting point on Lindholm Å is from Nørresundby. Delivery on the grass area opposite the Canoe and Kayak Club Limfjorden, Thistedvej 112, 9400 Nørresundby.

If the Limfjord is to be explored, a start from Lindholm Å is a super good idea. There are only 700 meters to Lindholm Å running out on the north side of the Limfjord. Take the west when you get out into the Limfjord, then you get behind Egholm. The back of Egholm is relatively shallow and without traffic of larger motorboats, sailboats, etc.

Lindholm Å is suitable for sea kayaking, double kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboard and canoe if you take the current to start with.

Trips from Lindholm Å

Examples of trips from Lindholm Å.

Trips from Lindholm Å is very similar to trips from Aalborg Sailing Club, but since the starting points are on the north side of the Limfjord, it is safer, as current conditions, traffic on the water and the water depth are better suited for most beginners.

Trip to Egholm: Lindholm Å is located approx. 1.5 kilometers from Egholm. If the trip is also to be around Egholm is approx. 11 kilometers extra. However, you must be aware that the water around Egholm is very shallow and you often have to keep your distance from the shore. It is an advantage to choose a time / day with high water level. The trip around Egholm, at low water levels, can be a lot longer.

At Egholm there is a primitive camp site with shelter and campfire site, which is a visit each. It is not possible to book the place and there may be quite a few visitors during the summer. There are also marked hiking trails on Egholm.

Egholm is a natural gem in the middle of the Limfjord!

Trip towards the Center: There are 3-4 kilometers to the Center and from the north side of the Limfjord you experience Aalborg Center in the distance and experience the beautiful view towards Aalborg's waterfront, including Musikkens Hus, Utzon Center, Aalborg Havnebad and Jomfru Ane Parken. 

By the Limfjord around Aalborg, there may well be a lot of current, especially by the bridges.

Trip to Gjøl Harbor: The trip to Gjøl Harbor is a trip of approx. 15 kilometers. Gjøl Harbor is a cozy harbor, which among other things can offer restaurants with a view of the Limfjord, Brugsen which is located approx. 1 kilometer from the port and there are also several walking and cycling routes in the area around the port.

It is a good idea to take the trip to Gjøl Harbor, by first going to Egholm and then heading west, as this is the shortest way to cross the Limfjord.

Trip to Nibe: The trip to Nibe is approx. 20 kilometers and is a beautiful nature experience. Nibe is a cozy town with a beautiful harbor environment. There is also the opportunity for various walks, including in Skalskoven, this is also where Nibe Festival is held.

A fantastic cycle route to Aalborg. From Nibe to Aalborg, there is, along the Limfjord, a wonderful bike ride to Aalborg.

It is also possible to pick up the rented equipment in Nibe and, for example, have bicycles delivered for the bike ride back to Aalborg.

Trip from A to B

There is the possibility of another final destination.

In this connection, it is obvious to rent bicycles / mtbs to return to the starting point.

When renting bicycles, they will be delivered to your final destination. Rental of city bike for 150, - pr. PCS. and mountain bike and electric city bike costs 250, - pr. pcs including delivery and collection. 

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