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Hammer Bakker

Mountain biking in Hammer Bakker
Delivery at Vodskov Church

In Hammer Bakker, north of Aalborg, there are three different mountain bike trails, but also plenty of opportunities to cycle on trails and gravel roads, there is something for everyone.

Mountain bike trail "the long" (moderate) is approx. 10 kilometers and the “short” (difficult) of approx. 3 kilometers with approx. 450 altitude meters. The "long" and "the short" start in the same place and the first kilometer is the same part on both tracks. There is also the blue family trail (light), which is lighter and shorter. The mountain bike trails in most places have the opportunity to choose a difficult and an easier road, which means that riders with different levels can go on a trip together.

Hammer Bakker is known for hilly terrain with varied forest types and open areas with heath, fields and pastures. 

The mountain bike trail in Hammer Bakker will in 2015 be named Denmark's best mountain bike trail.

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Hiking trails
Beautiful and varied nature - All year round

In Hammer Bakker there are 3 marked hiking trails, all of which go through beautiful nature areas and some of the most beautiful nature in North Jutland. Here is hilly terrain with wooded hills and steep gorges. The pepper is also worth a visit. This beautiful area is beautiful at all times of the year.

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