Courses for well-being and self-development

Description of our course


AO Coaching and Aalborg Outdoor offer teams for private and municipal schools. For the purpose of well-being optimization and self-development for young people, it all happens in one week. We have a foundation in an experience-based and well-proven concept, ergo we know that it is effective and we can measure it!

We know that well-being and readiness for education is a natural and common challenge in school management, we have an experience base in the need for a massive, and then continuous and planned effort based on an individual student profile developed by us.

TeenSpirits focus:

  • To promote the well-being of the young person
  • To discover and act on the young person's promise points
  • That the young person gets some positive shared experiences around feelings, identity and trust
  • Involving parents as far as possible, as well as the school responds and convenes parents if it seems necessary for the further development of the process
  • That the young person through increased well-being promotes general learning and is equipped to become educationally ready.

Target group:

Adolescents who need a boost of their self-esteem, by anxiety about presentations and generally expressing their opinion and participating in teaching, general introverted behavior, abnormal extroverted behavior or non-educational readiness. 

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Specially organized course

AO Coaching and Aalborg Outdoor have experience in making specially designed courses that meet your specific needs. For example, it can be well-being for groups / classes, to achieve meeting stability, for sensitive young people and much more. Our experience in well-being optimization and self-development allows us to create the foundation for the positive development of different target groups.

Our course is based on everyday life, so that the professionals who surround the individual can be involved with advantage.

Examples of focus:

  • Develop self-esteem and confidence
  • Promoting well-being in general
  • Create positive relationships within groups / class
  • New eyes on issues in the professional relationship
  • Create new action patterns for, for example, schools, institutions or municipal offers

Target group:

All age groups who need a boost on the personal or professional level.

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    We develop courses for you

    Through collaboration, the best result is created. Therefore, we have both ready-made concepts and make specially designed courses.

    We are ready!

    Our course can take place in your local area. We primarily collaborate with many of the North Jutland municipalities, but we also take on tasks in Central Jutland.

    Our team

    Our development team consists primarily of Anja Otte (AO coaching) and Martin Funke (Aalborg Outdoor). Anja and Martin have for many years collaborated on the completion of courses, but have also been proactive within sensitive young people, non-educational people and much more.

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