Aalborg Outdoor

Who are we?

Aalborg Outdoors' purpose is to offer activities to companies, institutions and individuals in North Jutland. We move the activities out to your institution, company or you privately. We use the local environment so that your transport is minimized, and you can get inspiration for activities in "your own backyard". All our equipment is mobile and not anchored in a fixed base, therefore our offer is flexible and available throughout North Jutland. However, we also hold a few events outside North Jutland.

Aalborg Outdoor was started by Martin Funke. Martin has extensive experience in the field of outdoor activities and teaching in general. He is a trained school teacher and is part of the instructor corps. With Aalborg Outdoor, he has made his great passion his livelihood. Martin is also behind the companies Aalborg First Aid and Aalborg Cykeludlejning.

The instructor corps in Aalborg Outdoor are all passionate about exactly what they teach. We believe that passion and joy are the foundation for an extra good experience. That is why our instructors have a solid knowledge and interest in exactly what they teach.

Here are subdivisions of Aalborg Outdoor, so we can ensure an even better product!

Aalborg Outdoor is more ....

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