Aabybro Dairy
Normal starting point - Ryå

The most normal starting point at Ryå is at Aabybro Dairy. Aabybro Dairy (Brogårdsvej 148
9440 Aabybro) is one of Denmark's oldest dairies from 1888. The dairy is beautifully situated by Ryå and here you have the opportunity to get fantastic ice cream and various other dairy products.

If you take a trip from Aabybro Dairy, it is clear that you prefer to take the electricity with you. Here you can experience a fantastically beautiful nature, where you, among other things, get past Birkelse Hovedgaard and you can continue out to the Limfjord.

When renting our canoes on site, the canoes must be handed in at Aabybro Dairy. It is possible to pick up the canoes elsewhere at an additional cost.

Ryå is suitable for canoeing, sea kayaking, double kayaking or Stand Up Paddleboard.

It is also possible to rent mountain bikes to cycle back to the starting point. When renting a mountain bike, they will be delivered to your final destination. Renting a mountain bike costs 250, - pr. pcs including delivery and collection. 

Trips from Aabybro Dairy

Aabybro Dairy to Birkelse Experience Center approx. 4 kilometers

Aabybro Dairy to Fristrupvej approx. 5.5 kilometers

Aabybro Dairy to Skeelslundvej approx. 8 kilometers

Aabybro Dairy to Haldagervej approx. 11 kilometers

Aabybro Dairy to the Limfjord approx. 12 kilometers

Birkelse Experience Center
Possible start and end destination

Birkelse Experience Center is located by Ryå and has 8 shelters. Shelters and the space can be used free of charge, but can not be reserved. There is water and toilet on the square. It is a popular place where there are often many people on holidays and weekends during the summer period.

There is about 1 kilometer to shopping opportunities Dagli Brugsen in Birkelse and approx. 3.5 kilometers to Aabybro, where there are larger grocery stores and much more.  

The address of Birkelse Experience Center is: Thistedvej Landevej 151, Birkelse, 9440 Aabybro.

Tours from Birkelse Experience Center

Birkelse Experience Center to Fristrupvej approx. 1.5 kilometers

Birkelse Experience Center to Skeelslundvej approx. 4 kilometers

Birkelse Experience Center to Kjellerupsvej / Haldagervej approx. 7 kilometers

Birkelse Experience Center for the Limfjord approx. 8 kilometers

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