Nordens Kridtgrav

Hasseris Chalk Tomb


Delivery at Hasseris Kridtgrav takes place at the end of Johannesmindevej, 9000 Aalborg.

About Hasseris Chalk Tomb

Hasseris Chalk Tomb is the place if you need to practice or get going on a windy day. The chalk grave's beautiful turquoise blue water is beautiful and in pictures it looks like a warm exotic place.

The chalk pit gets deep quickly and you have to be aware that 2-3 meters below the surface can be a lot colder than in the surface. Recommends wearing a wetsuit during water activity in Kridtgrave also of course always wear a life jacket or life jacket.

Hasseris Chalk Tomb is suitable for canoeing, sea kayaking, double kayaking or Stand Up Paddleboard.

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