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Come out into nature
Aalborg Outdoor

We are a team
by experts

Do you have a desire for an activity

We tailor an experience for you

For example, company event, experience with friends, bachelor party, a local event or something completely different…. 

Where are we?

Many options

We hold activities where it makes sense to you. Opportunity to meet in different places in North Jutland. 

Several activities on the same day

Experiences for everyone

We arrange larger events where it is possible to have several activities going on at the same time.

Come out into nature

Experience nature

Get an experience in nature with Aalborg Outdoor


It is easy to book

Remember to book your activity well in advance so that we can make an event on the day that suits you best.


Regarding payment

We accept MobilePay, bank transfer and cash. When booking an activity, payment must be made no later than 10 days after receipt of email with confirmation. 

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