Use the local environment

Business agreement regarding. rent and rental

Fringe benefit

Equipment for your employees

Get a gear bank in your company. It is possible to select exactly the equipment that suits your local environment and employees in the period that suits you.

Ongoing maintenance

Aalborg Outdoor maintains the equipment with you.

We come out to your company and maintain the equipment. If the repairs cannot be made on site, we will replace the product with a similar one during the repair period.

Equipment for rent

Establishment of local gear bank

Together, we establish a gear bank with you. You are responsible for rental, and we are responsible for the ongoing maintenance.          

Instructor attached

Develop your skills together

It is also possible to get an instructor to come and guide / teach, for example, once a month during the season.


Large selection

Packages with Stand Up Paddleboard, sea kayak, canoe, Sit On Top kayak, mountain bike


Establishment of cooperation

Contact Aalborg Outdoor and hear what we can do for you

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