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Events for companies

Examples of what we offer

Activity overview


Focus on collaboration, a specific theme, creativity or as an icebreaker

We hold events with team building as the ongoing activity or as part of several different activities.

The location of your event is where it makes sense for your particular business.  

Water activity

Stand Up Paddleboard - sea kayak - canoe - raft

Events with water activity are held on the Limfjord, Mariager Fjord, North Sea, Kattegat, Nordens Kridtgrav, Teglværkssøerne, Ryå, Lindenborg Å, Uggerby Å and many other places. 


Take your colleagues on a mountain bike

Mountain biking is an activity that can be adapted to the vast majority of employees. Get out in the woods, experience the beautiful nature, the fresh air and have a good laugh. 

Price examples of events

Event and prices

Event with team building, mountain biking and pizza

Activities for 3 hours from 525, - pr. participant

Event with three different activities.

We start with half an hour with icebreakers, which get the mood high and the competition gene activated. Then the trip goes by mountain bike in the woods. Mountain biking starts all depending on the conditions, with either basic technique, a ride on the forest trails or directly to the mtb track and duration approx. 90 minutes. Last activity is pizza baking in real pizza ovens. Everyone has an inequality to make their own pizza and rinse it down with a cold lager or a soda. Duration approx. 60 minutes.

Activities for 3 hours at a price per. participant from 525, - excl. VAT (Minimum 8 participants)

We hold activities where it makes sense to you. 


Activity from 2 hours to the whole day from 300, - pr. participant

Go on a company trip in a canoe on Ryå, Lindeborg Å or Uggerby Å. Here you can have a really nice trip in the North Jutland nature and experience the tranquility of a North Jutland river.

Activity from 2 hours to all day at a price per. participates from 300, - excl. VAT (Minimum 8 participants)

It is also possible to enter an activity, for example in the middle of the trip. It can be a group assignment, a competition, make campfire food / pizza or something completely different. The canoe trip can also be combined with mountain bikes, so that the transport back takes place through forest / land.

Contact Aalborg Outdoor for a price on your particular event! 

Sea kayaking

Activity for 2.5 hours from 350, - pr. participant

On the water in a sea kayak with the company. Experiences on the water, such as a sunset trip in a sea kayak or see the city from the water side.

Have a fun and challenging experience! The vast majority can participate here, as a sea kayak is more stable than it immediately appears. 

Activity for 2.5 hours at a price per. participant from 350, - excl. VAT (Minimum 8 participants)


In general

Several activities on the same day

Experiences for everyone

We arrange larger events where it is possible to have several activities going on at the same time.


Contact Aalborg Outdoor by email or phone

Remember to book your activity well in advance so that we can make an event on the day that suits you best.


Regarding payment

We also send invoices to EAN. When booking an activity, payment or partial payment must be made before the event. 

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