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Outdoor life

Outdoor course

Is outdoor life new to you? If you are going on a trip in the wilderness, and you would like to have a little extra skills in your backpack, or maybe you would like to put some theory into practice, then the Outdoor course is for you.

Outdoor course is the course for you who want to experience nature as a partner in your outdoor life. You will learn how to build a camp and gain knowledge about nature's access rules and hiking gear.

The course includes:

  • Shelter types
  • Establishment of primitive camp site
  • Ignition and bonfire
  • Primitive cooking
  • Water and food from nature
  • Ordinary handling of knife and ax
  • Review of the most basic outdoor gear
  • Maintenance of outdoor gear
  • Map and compass

Various equipment is provided, but you must bring your own gear + sleeping bag + sleeping pad. Preferably packed so that it is suitable for hiking a smaller trip.

Course date

  • Kommer løbende


The price is incl. catering


Aalborg (closer location available)

Price per. participant

Course with accommodation 795, - pr. person incl. catering

Course without accommodation 695, - pr. person incl. catering

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    Introduction to outdoor life

    Try outdoor life and get inspired and introduced to basic skills of camp life, different accommodation options in nature, cooking over a campfire, various games and more. We hold an introduction to outdoor life in Hammer Bakker and Rold Skov. If there are other wishes, contact Aalborg Outdoor. 

    Come with Aalborg Outdoor out into nature.

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